What happens in my philosophical practice ?

An open letter to the people who are interested in coming to my ?Philosophical Practice? :
Dear interested public (to avoid any misunderstanding),
I am asking for your understanding, that whoever plays with the thought of coming to my Practice comprehends that I am not a ?life coach?.
What happens in ?my? Philosophical Practice?
There are many Practices and all of them are different.
I don?t see myself as a ?life-coach? or a coach of any kind.
My practice concerns itself more with theory-based subjects and my objective is to deconstruct these theories and providers of theories (my clients or guests), which means among others, to lead these/their theories towards aporia and in doing so, to unbolt the processes of thinking of my clients. This also means to open up these people, who are often very trained in these theories, to new ways of looking at things and relations.
Kind regards,
Gerhard Kaucic

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